One House

Soul Clap

Dylan First
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Before today there was yesterday and after tomorrow is the future. In the beginning, Eli and Charlie´s paths were crossed for all time when a supernova collided with the mothership, emitting a mighty SOUL CLAP and sending these two musical beings tumbling to Earth.

As Rave babies they were taught the history of dance music by Boston disco and house legends DJ Bruno and Caril Mitro, where they learned that "house wears many hats”. At The Marcy Hotel in Brooklyn they joined forces with Wolf + Lamb and formed Crew Love as their international journey took off. Building momentum, Soul Clap released two albums, curated editions of renowned DJ mix series DJ Kicks and Fabric, and collaborated with some of the greatest, like George Clinton, Nona Hendryx, Laid Back, Egyptian Lover and Louie Vega...

Always pushing new boundaries, always traveling through time and space, The Clap is on a mission to change the world on the dancefloor and beyond. Now in 2021, Soul Clap drops a new series of EPs on Fool’s Gold Records, culminating with an LP of music that asks the question WTF?!? And provides the answer: WORLD TRANSFORMATION FORCE. Together our FORCE is stronger, and can TRANSFORM the WORLD. As the magnitude of our Universal Love grows, now is the time. We are all a WORLD TRANSFORMATION FORCE.

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