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Studio Essentials: Alec Falconer - XLR8R

Alex Falconer sits down with XLR8R to walk them through the ins and outs of his home studio. " Falconer is one of those electronic producers who operate in the shadows with a small but loyal following. The UK artist grew up in Kent, a county in south-east England, and involved himself with bands through school before moving to Newcastle for university where he learned the ropes of production: “I really struggled to find anyone who shared my passion for making music so I filled the gap in my life by learning to produce on Reason, learning to mix, and buying vinyl,” Falconer recalls. YouTube tutorials weren’t really what they are today, and so he owes a lot to Rob Amboule, whom he played in a band with, and, once he made the transition to Ableton, Harry Wills." More
November 26, 2019

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